The company Pharmasist Ltd, based in the region of Attica, joined the action "Upgrading micro & small businesses to develop their skills in the new markets" with a budget of 310 million euro.  The aim of the action is to improve the quality of the products and services offered or to create new products/services that will meet specific market needs. Also, investment projects may be aimed at reducing costs or increasing the efficiency of operational and production processes and addressing all regions of the country.

The total budget of the investment is €195,105.90 of which the public expenditure amounts to €97,552.95 and is co-financed by Greece and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

The business plan approved for funding and implemented includes investments in the following categories:

  • Buildings, facilities and surrounding areas
  • Machinery – Equipment
  • Intangible expenditure
  • Employee wage costs (existing and/or new staff)

Through participation in the Action, the company succeeded in:

  •  improving its competitiveness
  • increasing its profitability
  • enhancing extroversion
  • expand the market by adding new products & services
  • ensure higher quality products & services
  • increase productivity & improve operating procedures
  • enhancing entrepreneurship
  • create/maintain quality jobs

With the contribution of OPAVEK, the company, which operates in a key sector of the Greek economy, has been strengthened, benefiting the country's competitiveness as well as the local economy and the market in which it is based.